Tender Drag Box.

Goodman metal works have manufactured and fitted a drag box for Great Central Railway at Loughborough. The drag box is the connection between the locomotive and the coal/water tender to absorb the impact of braking and acclerating . Here are some photos.

Site Installation

Goodman metal works have just insulated, clad complete with electrical trace heating a range of replacement mixed material lower hopper sections. Just insulated , clad complete with electrical trace heating a range of replacement mixed material lower hopper sections. These are to refurbish existing mixed material hoppers on an asphalt plant to give them extended[.....]

Lowdham Colts Football U18

Goodman metal works and our sponsored Lowdham Colts Football Team U18. Final game as attached for our sponsored Lowdham Colts football team u18 Sunday division 1 team. After 12 years of supporting the little team from 5 years old the team finally played their last game on Sunday against Retford at u18’s competing in the[.....]

Asphalt Dryer & End Boxes

Goodman metal works have dispatched a replacement Asphalt Dryer and End Boxes to Northern Ireland. These were installed over the bank holiday weekend and comes complete with high efficient lifters which will give the customer more product for less cost. This has been a project we started last year and working with a burner supplier[.....]

Machine Petrochemicial Manifolds

Goodman metal works have completed a four month project to machine petrochemical manifolds. In order to achieve the delivery we had to use 2 off large bed mill machines and called upon tooling specialist Kyocera Unimerco from Sheffield for supply of the specialist boring heads. We were committed to machining 4 to 5 manifolds per[.....]
support frame

Completion of Large Order

Goodman metal works have completed a large order received last year for 13 of Trent 1000 engine support frames. We under took day and night shift working round the clock to complete the order on time. All the fabrications were also load tested on site with visual and MPI inspections of the welds prior to[.....]

Foundry Shake Out Box

Goodman metal works has recently manufactured a foundry shake out box The foundry shake out box has been manufactured to recycle sand for re-casting. Here are some images of the vibratory machine with 2 of the vibratory motors sitting on springs which are exported to recycle the sand used in the casting process.